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If I Could Stop The Rain (from the album "Crossroads"): written, arranged and produced by Antonis & Dimitris Papavomvolakis - performed by Dimitris ©2002

BIO FROM THE COUNTRY MUSIC ASSOCIATION (USA): The Replete Brothers (Greece) is composed of brothers Antonis and Dimitris, who are the composers, lyricists, interpreters, performers, arrangers and producers of their own work. They are the only professional Country Music group working with record companies in Greece. Since their professional debut in 1995, the Replete Bros. have performed live all over Greece and appeared in many television and radio specials. Antonis is a member of the Nashville Songwriters Association International and serves as president of the Country Music Club of Greece (back in 2004-Country Music Club of Greece doesn't exist anymore).

FROM THE BAND: The Replete Brothers received nominations for Country Music Association Global Artist Award two times in a raw in 2003 and 2004, setting Greece in a music industry level that it never existed. Today, as continuing indefatigably writing and producing good music, they're about to establish their own Record Label to archive new goals in both Greek and International music scene.

Hurt: arranged, performed, mixed and mastered by Antonis & Dimitris Papavomvolakis - ©2012

All Alone Am I: arranged, performed, mixed and mastered by Antonis & Dimitris Papavomvolakis - feat. Maria Papageorgiou ©2014

Romeo's Fall: written, arranged and performed by Antonis & Dimitris Papavomvolakis Live performance ©2017

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